About me

Hi!!  I’m LaBarbara and like you, I have this very strong desire to make money online.  It has been a dream of mine for a number of years and now I have finally made my way to making it a reality.

I started seriously  being committed to building an online business about 6 months ago.  During that time I have taken many courses, spent lots of money to take those many courses, joined membership sites that left me more dazed and confused – and now I am getting tons of emails which really gets my head spinning.  I admit that I had become truly overwhelmed.  Going after every shiny object, I was truly confused.  Feeling stuck, I procrastinated, became paralyzed and stopped.  But I had made a  promise to myself that I was going to make this an adventure in learning something new – no matter how hard it seemed.  I love learning new things – don’t you!!!

Well I had been seeing Wealthy Affiliate around the internet on other sites but I was already a member of another site and had bought into numerous trainings.  I just couldn’t see how another training site could be any different.  But thought – what the heck.  Lets see what the hype is all about.  OMG – once joining Wealthy Affiliate I truly wished I had tried this site FIRST!!  I honestly believe that I would have been so much further ahead.  But here I am now and I am loving every thing about Wealthy Affiliate.

I am now with a company that is helping me tremendously.  I now understand what I am doing and I am backed by a company and community that is as interested in my success as I am.  If you really want to understand this business, check out Wealthy Affiliate.  Not only can you try it for free – you also get 2 free websites.  The founders as well as the WA community are there helping you every step of the way.  Ask a question and I guarantee it will be answered within 30 minutes if not sooner.  It’s unbelievable, I know – but just give it a try.  You have nothing to lose.

To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate read Getting Started or click here!

To Your Success